Community Groups


Why Should I Join a Group?

Joining a Community Group is the primary entry point into the life of Grace Church. We gather together on Sunday mornings to worship corporately, but we also understand the importance of gathering with other believers throughout the week. Joining a Community Group is the best way to live the Christian life with other believers.


What Should I Expect?

Community Groups have a designated time they meet together. During this time, we eat, pray, fellowship and study the Scriptures together. Because our desire is to live life together with those in our Community Group, there are other opportunities within groups to gather, pray, encourage one another, and have fun together.


Most Community Groups have 10-15 members. You do not have to be a member of Grace Church to be a part of a Community Group.


How Do I Join a Group?

We have many groups meeting throughout Jackson County. We encourage people to get connected with a Community Group that is close to you.


Please fill out and submit the form below to help us find a group near you or answer any questions you may have.


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