Welcome to MainStreet

Kindergarten to 6th Grade Children

Weekly on Sundays at 9:00am and 11:00am


On MainStreet we believe:

·       The Bible should never be boring

·       Worship should be authentic and can be loud

·       Your leaders should always be caring


Before our MainStreet kids head off to Jr. & Sr. High School, we want to make sure these 3 things stick with them:

1.     I need to make the Wise Choice

2.     I can Trust God no matter what

3.     I should Treat Others the way I want to be treated


Registration or Check-In

Kids start out by getting checked in at our secure Registration area, where they are greeted by our smiling and caring Registration Team.  The Team will help kids get checked in, get to the right place and answer any questions parents have about MainStreet.

 Social: Providing Time for Fun Interaction (Community Group Room)

The kids then go to their Community Group room where they are welcomed and encouraged to talk with their leaders and engage in activities that introduce the day’s lesson.

 Big Story: Communicating God’s Truth in Engaging ways (Large Group Room)

Shortly after arriving, MainStreet kids go to a Large Group Experience with their leaders where they engage in a fun, state-of-the-art, theatre environment.  They start by learning about the Life Application we are studying that month and kids are challenged to memorize a monthly Bible verse.  They hear a Bible Story told in a creative way using costumes and props to stimulate the mind and bring the Bible to life.  Worship music is contemporary, fast paced, energetic and encourages the kids to be authentic Worshipers of God.  Large Group ends with a True Life Application where kids learn how their weekly “Bottom Line” theme can be fit into their everyday life.

Groups: Creating a Safe Place to Connect (Community Group Room)

After participating in Large Group, your kids move back to their grade-specific Community Group rooms where they connect with their leaders and see how God's Word can be applied to their everyday life, learn how to talk to Him, and form relationships with others in their group.  The leaders are serious about creating a fun environment and are passionate about sharing BIBLICAL TRUTH.  They truly believe that relationships are key to a child's spiritual development.


At the end of the service parents can pick their child up in their Community Group room.  Each child will receive a GodTime Card from their Community Group leader and Parent CUE Cards are handed out at the Registration Desk as adults arrive for pick-up.

 Take-Home Materials

Are designed to make the connection of how each week’s Bible story applies to real-life experiences through interactive activities and discussion questions.

 GodTime Cards –

We encourage parents to help their children have some “God Time” each week.  There are 4 different devotions on each GodTime card. Each devotion is designed to be done on a different day.

 Parent CUE Card –

Gives parents specific ways they can engage their child with what they are learning each week.  We believe WHAT HAPPENS AT HOME in many ways is more important than what happens at church!