Different churches often have different requirements to become a member.  Here at Grace Church, we only have 3 requirements to become a member of our congregation: 1.) You must be a Christian, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our beliefs on what it means to be a Christian can be found in our explanation of What is the Gospel.

2.) You must be baptized by immersion.  We believe that the biblical model of baptism is by immersion, following the example of Christ in the Gospels.  If you are a new Christian, the next step in obedience to Christ is to follow in believers’ baptism.  We do not believe that baptism saves you but that it is the next necessary step in the life of an obedient believer.  If you have been baptized by some other method in the past, we would ask you to be baptized by immersion to become a member of our church.

3.) You must attend a Membership Class, our new members class.  We hold our Membership Classes approximately every other month.  This class is designed to introduce you to our core beliefs as a church.  It will also inform you about different opportunities where you can serve at Grace Church once you become a member.