Secure give by Clicking on SecureGive logo

Secure give by Clicking on SecureGive logo

Digital Giving Made Simple

(by Clicking on SecureGive logo above)



  1. Download the free SecureGive app from App Store or Google Play store.

  1. Open the app and search for Grace Church by name or by location (phone GPS enabled). Then set this as your home organization.

  1. Enter phone number and password to login or create an account if first time giver. You also have the option to give anonymously.

  1. Choose Give and select the type of transaction.

  1. Select the category and enter the donation amount.

  1. If this is a first time donation, card info will need to be entered. There is an option to save this as a default card at this point.

  1. Tap Continue.

  1. Confirm amount.

  1. You will receive thank you notification via phone screen and by email.

Digital Giving Made Simple

TEXT GIVING (Video Demo)

  1. Text the keyword (Tithe or Donate) and the amount to 844-904-6544.

  1. You will receive a text to sign into the Grace Church SecureGive account or if this is the first time giving, you will need to create a new account.

  1. Once you have either created your new account or signed in to your already created account, SAVE your payment method to be used for all future text giving.

  1. When this is completed, you will receive a text asking you to confirm the donation by texting Y.

  1. You will receive a thank you notification, via text and by email.

The next time you would like to contribute by text, simply type the keyword and amount and you will receive a request to confirm with a Y. After replying, you will receive a confirmation that your donation was processed.

**Please save the Grace Church text number in your phone for future use**