Family Discipleship


Family Discipleship Resource:

1) Family Worship -Donald S. Whitney (Available in the Grace Bookstore)

2) The Jesus Storybook Bible -Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago (Available in the Grace Bookstore)

3) The Gospel Story Bible -Marty Machowski

4) The New City Catechism

By Family Discipleship we mean the intentional, active, and prayerful spiritual training of our children. Family Discipleship flows from an every moment mindfulness of how we can lead our children to see and savor Jesus Christ more than anything else in all of reality.

The spiritual training of our children can take place in the car ride on the way to soccer practice. Discipleship is talking with our kids about the greatness of God while gazing up the heavens. Helping our little ones to comprehend the kindness of God happens during Sunday morning worship. Going to bed, sitting on the couch in your home and walking along a wooded trail can all be moments of Family Discipleship. Every moment can be leveraged to help our kids see and savor our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is our joy to encourage you and equip you and support you as you seek to lovingly and joyfully disciple your children to know and love Jesus.


Family Worship

Book Recommendations

1) Shepherding A Child’s Heart -Tedd Tripp (Available in the Grace Bookstore)

2) Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family -Paul David Tripp (Available in the Grace Bookstore)

3) God, Marriage, And Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation -Andreas J. Köstenberger

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We encourage our families to understand that all of life is worship. As Christians, every thought, every action and every emotion of everyday should testify to our supreme love of God. As part of whole life worship, we ask that our families establish a regular time of Family Worship in their homes.

Families can be creative with this time. It may look a little different for each family; however, we lead our families to incorporate at least three elements into their times of Family Worship: prayer, the reading of scripture and a time of song.

There is great freedom as to how this works out within our homes. You could use written prayers, or family members can take turns praying for one another. You may find that working through the Psalms together one chapter at a time works well for your family. Perhaps, you read one proverb together at the breakfast table. Maybe your family enjoys hymns or maybe you are really stirred by something a bit more contemporary. The important thing is that your family is regularly praying together, reading the Bible together and singing praises to God together. Regularly seek God’s face as a family.

We believe that regular times of structured Family Worship in the home are an essential part of Family Discipleship and it is our joy to come alongside you and help in any way we can.