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In the book of Hebrews we find a series of 4 major warnings that encourage perseverance of faith. These warnings give structure to the book as a whole. We are to heed the warnings given here. The warnings are to genuine believers and God uses them as a means to assure perseverance.


One of the things that people struggle with most in life is determining what success is or isn’t. A wrong view of success will inevitably lead people down a road of pride or burn out. In this two-part sermon series, we look to Luke 19:11-27 and find a biblical definition of success that will free people to live life in a truly successful way that honors God and brings great joy.

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Conflict is going to explore the topic of conflict among believers. This covers James chapter 3 moving into chapter 4. James, after having dealt with true and false faith, moves into the topic of conflict and specifically what impacts conflict even among believers.

This series is going to explore the topic of worship. It will begin by looking at worship more broadly and personally and then move to discuss corporate church worship.


This series moves through Matthew chapter 13 and covers his teaching on previously hidden Kingdom truths.

Serving expands and explains the details of part of our purpose statement. “Grace church exists to glorify God through…. serving others…” Our primary text throughout the series will be Luke 10:26-37.

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This series moves through the Genesis narrative in two parts. Part #1 will cover chapters 1-11, A Sovereign God. Part #2 will cover chapters 12-50, A Special people. Part #1 moves through 4 major sections: creation, corruption, condemnation, and confusion. Genesis answers such questions as: Who made us?; Who is worthy of our worship and why?; How should we relate to this God?; How does this God relate to us in our sin?; and What happened to this world? It also provides the foundation of the Gospel message. Part #2, A Special people, moves through Genesis 12-50. We see how God calls out and uses a special people to reclaim His Kingdom, unveil His glory, and teach the gospel. We focus on four of those called-out individuals: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

The idea here is that there are things/beliefs/actions that we may think may bring us closer to God when, in reality, they drive us further from God. In this series, we will identify some of these things and call people to the Gospel.

The Core explains and casts vision for our church. We break down the following statement “Grace church exists to glorify God by upholding the gospel, making disciples, serving others, and providing community.

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This series moves through “the Lord’s prayer” in Matthew 6:5-18. In this series we learn that Jesus gives to us not just a prayer to pray but a model to follow. Jesus actually teaches us how to pray!


This series addresses the topic of God’s beautiful design for women. This is basically a “man card” series for women.


Condemned goes through the first part of Romans. The point is to help us understand that we are all sinners in need of a Savior.

Justified goes through the second part of Romans. The point is to help us understand that we are all sinners but that God declares us righteous by grace through faith in Christ.

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Sanctified goes through the third part of Romans. The point is to help us understand that God makes us more and more like Jesus; He doesn’t birth us and then leave us alone without change. Paul addresses 3 major issues: 1. How you respond to grace in regard to Christian living—chap. 6:1-7:6; 2. How you understand the law in regard to Christian living—chap. 7:7-25; 3. How the Spirit conforms you in regard to Christian living—chap. 8


This Segment goes through the fourth part of Romans.


Twisted addresses the topic of God. There are many “twisted” things people say about God that they really believe are correct. So, are there reliable answers to who God is that keeps us from subjectively defining Him and from idolatry? YES!


Seven Letters moves through the letters to the 7 churches in revelation. As God speaks to them, He also speaks, corrects, warns, and encourages us. If Jesus wrote a letter to Grace Church, what would it say?

This series addresses the topic of suffering in the life of Job and draws out a summative lesson from each passage.

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Kingdom addresses the topic of God’s Kingdom during its current manifestation. Kingdom most basically refers to the rule of Jesus. What’s meant by current manifestation is that the Kingdom has been inaugurated by Jesus but not fully consummated (or completed) yet. So, what does Kingdom life, Kingdom power, and Kingdom mission look like for us. We examine this topic as we move through the book of Acts in 14 sermons (6 sermons on Kingdom life, 5 on Kingdom power, and 3 on Kingdom mission).

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This Series is to redefine the concept of “man card” to fit into a Christian context. We will discover what God’s rules for having your man card revoked are.

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This sermon series moves through Matthew chapters 11 &12 in eight sermons. In this series we discuss things that keep or hinder people's faith in Jesus.

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This sermon series covering Matthew 10 moves believers through Jesus's teaching on ministry preparation.


In this series we are looking at these really dysfunctional passages that most people scratch their heads over. We will learn how to handle such passages and that they do have a purpose in our lives.

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This series moves through selected passages in the book of Revelation. We find God's "end game" and the unveiling of Jesus in all His glory.

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This series moves through multiple biblical texts highlighting the Gospel narrative of God-Man-Christ-Response-Completion.

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Moving through selected passages, Pastor James tackles some of the difficult things Jesus calls believers to practice in regard to relationships.

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This series moves through multiple biblical texts to show how believers are to relate to each other within the Church.

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This series is titled “Lessens Learned from a Fallen Prophet.” Here we learn lessens such as: anyone can fall; sin is expensive; you can’t outrun God; how to make a comeback; God’s grace is bigger than our sin; and God’s mercy is greater than ours.

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This sermon series moves through Exodus 20 covering the Ten Commandments.


This series is about discipleship. What does it mean to be a real disciple of Jesus? It moves through Matthew 16 & 17.

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Vital signs are used in the medical world to measure a patient’s basic health and functions. Just as a physical body has vital signs of health, so does the Church. In this series we look at the vital signs of a healthy church such as: identity; doctrine; preaching; drive; leadership; committed community; accountability; church discipline; and effective evangelistic engagement.